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The Final Girl - explicit sex

File size: 946 Mb
Duration: 01:19:34
Resolution 640:480
Video format: AVI

The Final Girl - explicit sex

Three Parisian women discover that their lives are delicately interconnected to a mysterious fourth woman, who remains tantalizingly out of reach.
It’s all too rare that the camera and music combine not only to reinforce the narrative but become important characters on their own.
Songs from Heather Nova whose lyrics (“I need a stranger to tell me I’m beautiful”) and varied accompaniments keep the ear engaged even as the mind works through the unfolding scenario.
At key junctures (especially the upscale hotel self-administered sex-for-hire scene) employing silence and extreme close-ups raises the temperature of the film, its stars and viewers.
The cast is first-rate. Wendy Delorme as The Final Girl drives much of the plot and all of the sex. Obviously comfortable in her tattoo-enhanced skin, she devours the role (and her partners) with an excellent sense of movement, timing and glances that speak volumes.
Brenda Velez silently brings the missing Leena to enigmatic life, effectively miming the private entries as The Final Girl.
Judy Minx plays the role of the landlord with a good mix of sensuality and simmering desire. As with all other characters, her last act on screen raises just as many questions as it answers.
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